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The Ouija board, which mediums use to communicate with spirits, as it exists today, was invented in the 19th century. It depicts the alphabet, numbers, and the words "yes" and "no." There may be other symbols as well. It is suppos

A séance kit consists of two things: a board with drawings, letters and numbers, and a pointer in the shape of a heart with a hole in the middle. The session is conducted in the company of several people (at least two of them). Participants sit around and lightly touch the pointer with their fingertips. One person asks a question, and the pointer begins to move - it means that the spirits have heard and respond. After some time in the hole one will be able to see a word, a letter, a number or a sequence of them - this is the answer to the question. In addition, the slider can simply point with the sharp tip to some symbol.

  • The design of this Ouija board comes from an original made by and belonging to the wizard Anna "Ulvadotter" in Hälsingland in the early 1900s. The wood is pine and was specially selected from the forests of her home region. It is pressed and specially treated, then milled out with modern tools, and then surface treated and absorption varnished (hypoallergenic) to last. Most of it is handcrafted and therefore there may be slight variations in colour and appearance. No two are exactly alike and each one is numbered. It also includes a pointer, a candle and full instructions for use
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